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It's clear that some people come to this page with a dream of doing a "TED talk," or maybe something for Moth, or Ignight! Maybe you have an idea that is simmering, but you can't quite figure out how to develop it into a 15, 18, 30, or 60-minute talk or presentation. 


Joanne Conger, a professional speaker coach, and director has over ten years of experience in the "talk circles" and 45 years of experience performing and directing for live theater. She has coached speakers whose talks have now reached millions of people. 

My four-session one-on-one course will take you through these significant steps to getting your idea up and in front of an audience:

1. Develop your talk idea based on your idea.

2. Framing your talk based on your audience

3. Forming your talk based on your capacity and capabilities 

4. Bringing your talk to life based on what you have learned and developed. 

Each speaker will have 10 hours of coaching to use as each speaker sees most helpful to their situation and skills. Maybe you'll need four hours just to develop your talk - maybe just an hour to frame your talk. Each session will focus on what you need the most from a professional speaker coach.

10 hours of Coaching Sessions (by Zoom): $1,000.00

10 Hours of Coaching Sessions (in Person) $1500.00

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are NOT connected to the TED or TEDx organization in any way. Participating in these sessions should not indicate that your talk or presentation will be considered for any event your speaker coach organizes or participates in. 

These sessions will focus on the talk or speech you need to give in the venue or venues you wish to present in. This may or may not include: TEDx, Moth, or Ignite! or any other public presentation you need to make or would like to develop. 

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