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Debbie Lacy 
The Itch to Heal
See the video of Debbie's talk 

Following a traumatic loss, Debbie developed chronic symptoms that disconnected her from the kind of life she wanted and the kind of person she knew she could be. She’ll share the powerful decision and the question that ultimately healed her.


DEBBIE LACY is a certified lifecoach, author, and facilitator. Debbie has a Master of Social Work degree and a background in psychology research, clinical social work, nonprofit management, and community organizing. Debbie is the author of Ready, Set, Manifest!™: A Handbook for the In-Betweens and Leaps in Life. As part of that work, she teaches online courses for people facing challenging transitions and important life decisions.  Debbie is actively involved in community-based work. She is the Co-Founder and Director of the Eastside Refugee and Immigrant Coalition, which supports communities in East King County to be more equitable and inclusive. Debbie also serves as the Board President for the Eastside Timebank, a barter economy where neighbors help each other by exchanging skills and services. She and her husband live in Kirkland, Washington with their son and two dogs. Learn more about Debbie and her work at

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