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Composer & Cellist, Ellen Jeanne Kilcup

Ellen Kilcup performs, records and teaches in the greater Seattle area. Raised by musicians and teachers, Ellen began coaching and teaching over 20 years ago when she was still a very young cellist. She studied cello performance under Stuart Hake, Meg Brennand, and Erika Pierson, while studying Chamber Music under Kim Zabelle and Ilkka Talvi. She eventually found that following her greatest joy in music consistently leads her back to small ensemble work and teaching.

Since its beginning, Ellen’s musical career has led her through Europe and the States, performing and collaborating in ensembles from orchestral to small ensemble contemporary rock. She is now settled contentedly in her favorite area, Seattle. After years serving as Principal Cellist for Thalia Symphony Orchestra and Assistant Principal in the Northwest Symphony Orchestra, she now enjoys exploring any kind of avenue for Chamber Music. This includes collaboration with Karen Luke Fildes, Leanne Riddle, the Sprezzatura Piano Trio recently honored by playing the Beethoven Triple Concerto with the Thalia Symphony, and her most recent recording projects with OK Carol.


She is a member of the Walking on Water Studio in Shoreline, bringing art, music, and science education through private classes and open events to the North Seattle community. Currently. She is a Paraprofessional for the music department of the Edmonds School District and she has a Private teaching studio in Shoreline and Lynnwood.

If you would like to contact Ellen Kilcup, you can find her at

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