Our Team.

Joanne Conger

I have lived in Everett for nearly 15 years and am overjoyed to be able to organize TEDxEverett. I fell in love with "TED talks" in 2009 when a college instructor showed Ken Robinson's talk "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" A short time later I saw Brene Brown's TEDxKansasCity talk on vulnerability and as many people have said: it changed my life. To bring these talks around ideas the heart and in making a connection - making connections within ourselves, our families, within our communities and the greater world seems to be a really important thing to do, right now.

TEDxEverett Team  


Bob Conger

Katriana Zommers

Lorilee Smith 

Sumit Karns

Patti Doyle

Andre Golard

Terry Brainard

Janice Morin

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