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Our Next Event: TEDxEverett Women

September 2020 

Please read the guidelines for submission below.
As you apply, please understand that an incomplete application
will not be considered or responded to.

Email Joanne Conger, TEDxEverett Organizer:

Please read this before submitting:
  1. If you are currently a keynote or corporate speaker, you are not eligible to submit to TEDxEverett unless you have been expressly invited by the organizer. TEDxEverett is seeking people with ideas worth spreading who already do not have a venue for their ideas. 
  2. Your idea needs to be clear. The TEDx stage is not for storytelling as much as it focuses on an idea. An idea worth spreading. 
  3. If you have been a TED or TEDx speaker within the past 2 years, you are not eligible to apply to submit to TEDxEverett. You may apply to TEDxEverettWomen.
  4. If you do not live within 50 miles of Everett, WA you are not eligible to submit to TEDxEverett unless you have been expressly invited to by the organizer. No unsolicited submissions outside of the 50-mile radius of Everett, WA will be considered. 
  5. If you have presented your talk at any venue, your talk is not eligible. TEDx events are expressly created to provide a venue for talks that have no venue. 
  6. Submission does not assure inclusion in our next event. TEDxEverett receives 100's of applications every year. If your idea is of interest to TEDxEverett will contact you with two weeks of submission. Interest does not guarantee inclusion in an event. Selections are made based on many considerations.
  7. You do not need to be a professional speaker to be accepted onto the roster. In fact, we kind of love it when you are not.
  8. There is no age minimum or maximum. If you are under the age of 18, you must have permission from a parent or guardian to participate in any part of the event.
  9. Understand the commitment of developing a talk. Hours of preparation go into creating this event. Expect that hours of commitment will be needed to deliver your talk. Meetings, rehearsals, and revisions will be a part of your TEDxEverett experience. 
  10. Remember that if your talk is not considered for a TEDxEverett event, there ate many more TEDx's to approach.
  11. Please, be kind to the organizer during your application process.
If you feel that your idea is eligible to be considered for TEDxEverett, please send a message through this website. Any messages sent through anyone's private Facebook page will not be considered.
In your application to be emailed to Contact
  1. 3 high-resolution photographs. They do not need to be professional, but they need to be usable for media and promotion.
  2. Your biography. You do not need to be a professional speaker. This is to get to know you. 
  3. A half-page summary of your talk.
  4. A short video of yourself saying, "Hello!" (We do this not to assess "attractiveness news" but to make sure you are a real person. Tell us why doing a TEDx talk is important to you.
  5. Name, email, where you live (as you send this), why you believe your idea fits into the theme of our next TEDx event. If your submission does not include all of this information, it will not be considered. 
And, this: please understand that this is a small event in a region that has several very large events. For the most part, TEDxEverett speakers will speak on issues important to our community and to our residents as individuals. We have an extremely small crew, so will not be able to respond to all of the inquiries (we get hundreds.) If your idea is something we are interested in, we will reach out and contact you. We look at every submission carefully.
Thank you for your interest in being a TEDxEverett speaker. If your talk fit our criteria and seems a good fit for this event, we will be thrilled to talk to you about it. 
Please, do not friend the organizer on Facebook and then begin using Messenger to ask her about TEDxEverett. If you do that, you will be blocked and not considered for a talk. YOu can friend her, but only contact her about TEDxEverett through
This is a "zero-tolerance" sort of thing, because why would anyone DO that?