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Romi Boucher

Six Conversations Of

Creative Collaborations

See the video of Romi's talk 

Romi Boucher, an Institute for Innovation Fellow at Fielding Graduate University, has worked over 30 years in various ways to assist people evolve and transform the human side of organizational life. She helps people focus and develop their abilities to create, collaborate, and realize the possibilities they want for themselves and their organizations. Respectful of the whole person and focused on human as well as organizational development, she uses a communication approach that helps people produce desired extraordinary results both at work and at home, and the capacity to lead beyond circumstances that is sustainable over time. She works now as an organizational culture and strategic change consultant & coach to develop leadership throughout organizations - to Fortune 100 organizations, governmental agencies, and professional firms in financial, engineering, and customer service sectors. Her passion for creative collaboration and breakthrough comes alive with her family, friends, and in her own life and work-most notably when she completed her research for her doctoral degree in her 60's.

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